BattleArenas 3.3.5

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Version 3.3.5a
Type Arenas Battlegrounds All Professions Pvp Only Instant 80
Dernière mise à jour15 Nov 2021
Date d'inscription15 Nov 2021


Welcome to BattleArenas 3.3.5a realm, here is the list with the server features:

- Wrathful Gladiator (Season 8) gear
- Season 7 PvP and PvE Gear also available
- Crossfaction Solo Queue 3v3 feature (MHC setup)
- Crossfaction Battlegrounds
- Wargames for 1v1 2v2 and 3v3 arena (.challenge commands)
- Template NPC
- Most ballanced and bugfree PvP environment
- Progressive MMR search range system
- Crystal which make arenas to start faster if players are ready
- No custom items, spells etc
- Fully working Movement Maps / Pathfinder System
- Spells Crowd Control Delay system
- Arena Ladder NPC
- Scripted all racial and class spells, abilities and talents
- Two Transmogrification systems
- Item Requester NPC
- VIP accounts for top arena players
- Duel reset cooldowns script
- Active Anticheat system
- Fully working Arena Spectator NPC + Spectator Addon
- Exotic Arena-queue places through the map
- Custom Jump Event with rewards
- Custom Arena Seasons with reward ceremony
- Exotic Mounts without faction restrictions
- Weekly 2v2 and 3v3 pvp events with Live Stream
- Daily fixes and improvements
- Arena Replays

Patch: Wrath of the Lich King 3.3.5a
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