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Version 3.3.5a
Type Custom Content Custom Items Custom Quests Custom Scripts Voting Rewards Trinity ClassLess Bounty Hunter Transmogrifier Custom Commands
Emplacement United States
Dernière mise à jour09 Jun 2019
Date d'inscription06 Oct 2015


[b]ReforgeCraft's Northrend realm[/b] is a custom progressive ClassLess project where you can make any race/class combination as your base and learn your base class stuff normal way, then use classless UI to learn spells and talents from other classes as an upgrade on your base. Get bonus stats, starting items, random suffixes and random chants on all looted, bought or crafted items which you can later re-randomize once you reach custom Thunderfury and Sulfuras content.

[b]War over concept[/b] allows you to do quests from any race no matter which faction you are and go to their towns. Teleporting around vanilla maps is easy now, all maps are explored so you can see names of destinations and write .t and destination name without spaces, example: .t valleyoftrials

[b]Small mall[/b] at .t m1 gives you quick access to all your base class trainers, guild vault, transmog, custom NPC's and progression vendors.

[b]Leveling is customized[/b], you can reach lvl 15+ by questing in war over world then go solo some lowbie dungeon like stockades or dead mines. Everyone can use hunter pets and tame them allowing you to solo dungeons even more easily.

RageFire chasm is a customized dungeon you can try to solo when u are lvl 20+ and have some gear from some lowbie dungeons. Here are tough custom bosses with some newbie gears and last boss drops instant lvl 42.

[b]Progression[/b] starts once you are around lvl 45 or if you group up can try at lvl 42. Custom shirts and maraudon are the first in your adventure. As you clear progression, more and more content will unlock to you and you will lvl automatically.

[b]Custom content[/b] - pretty much all dungeons and raids are customized and some content is fully custom like Ashbringer questlines, Opening of the dark portal event where you stop demonic invasions and progression and questchains in Outlands. Some customized mounts and tons of bosses, mobs, quests and instances.

Change Logs
06 Dec 2015
New WOTLK realm is ready and fully scripted :)
09 Jun 2019

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