Blessed Rust 10xNOBP

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Type 10x Gather Active Admins Better loot Skinbox Kits caseunboxing NPCevents No Radiation Teleport Homes
Emplacement United States
Dernière mise à jour28 Mar 2023
Date d'inscription28 Mar 2023


Welcome to Blessed Rust Servers!!!

If you would like to join our community and check out our server, Join our discord below! A whole year + has went into this server and we are truly one of a kind! Hope to see you there!!

Discord =

Server Trailer =

How To Join Server Console Server IP Command =


What does Blessed Rust have to offer?

>We host free to enter custom events every Friday for RUST SKINS to give back to the community! >Active Non-Playing Administrators

>Constant Updates

>Active Moderators | Chat Mods

>24 Hour Wipe Raid Protection

>Cheap VIP kits w/ no sulfur !

>Placeable Recycler

>Clans (Max group of 6)

>Auto Barrel Loot Pickup!

>Custom Balanced Loot Tables

>Custom Balanced Shop

>Custom Black Market NPC shop for reward points!

>MyMini Command For Everyone To Use !

>SkinBox For Everyone To Use 4,000+ Skins For FREE! Free Discord & Steam Kits w/ Amazing Perks ! >Cases (Unbox Rust Items and Kits, Example : CSGO style case unboxing in rust!)

>Free Bgrade to everyone for all tiers of materials !

>Remove / repair base / auto upgrade Commands

>Well Designed / Modified Website


>Outpost Teleport / Bandit Teleport +MORE!!!