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Type 3x 3x Gather Backpacks Fast Smelting PVP Recycler Weekly Wipe Teleport big stacks offline raid protection
Emplacement United States
Dernière mise à jour02 Dec 2022
Date d'inscription02 Dec 2022



✳️|PHANTOMRUST.NET | 3x | Solo Duo Trio Quad | Weekly 
🏆| Premium Features ran on Premium Server.
🧰| Starter kit includes Sar+60rds +Hatchet+Pickaxe +cloth clothing

🔗| Discord:
🔗| Website:
🔗| Connect:

Server Details+
Welcome to PhantomRust.Net's Solo/Duo/Trio/Quad 3x 
"The Perfect Server Does Exist"

✦✦Anti Offline Raid✦✦ - Read more below..

• - Wipe Info
 ✦ Map Wipe Schedule: Weekly
 ✦ BP Wipe Schedule: Monthly
 ✦ Last Map Wipe: 11/24 - Next Map Wipe: 12/1
 ✦ Last BP Wipe: 11/3 - Next BP Wipe: 12/1
• - Specs
 ✦ 3x Loot+ 
 ✦ 3x Components + Scrap 
 ✦ 3x Gather Rates 
 ✦ 3x Crafting Speed 
 ✦ 3x Recycle Speed
 ✦ 3x Cooking Speed 
 ✦ 3x Mixing Speed
 ✦ Quicksmelt
 ✦ Group Limit: 4
• - Features
 ✦ Long Day - Short Nights.
 ✦ Custom Lootable Containers, Lockers, Ac Units, Electrical Panels, Metal     box's, etc,      Now Lootable. -Mo Loots! 
 ✦ AutoAuth - Clan Or Friends (TC, Turrets, Codelocks, Etc..)
 ✦ Teleport - /TPR /TPHome
 ✦ /Shop - Premium RP Shop. 500RP/HR
 ✦ Skill Levels that NEVER WIPE!      Level up skills that can permanently increase loot, mine, farm, npc damage      etc..      Never Wipes.
 ✦ /Mymini Spawn your own mini.
 • +So Much More..

Join the Discord to stay up to date and participate in ongoing Contests / Events.
 • Discord: www.PhantomRust.Live
 • Website: www.PhantomRust.Net

 ✦✦Anti Offline Raid Details✦✦ 
 • If any player authorized on a bases TC is ONLINE within the past hour, the base will be raidable.
 • After All players authorized on a TC are OFFLINE for a minimum of 1 hour, the base is no longer raidable.
 • If a raid has begun while any player authorized on the TC within the past hour is online, the base will REMAIN raidable even if those players disconnect for an hour.
 • After 1 hour, If there is no raid activity (explosives, melee, etc) the base will become unraidable as long as all players authorized on the TC in the last hour remained offline.