GSL Dusty Rust

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Type 3x Gather 2x Active Support Airdrops Active Admins Anti Cheat Backpacks Friendly Admins Info No Bp Wipes
United Kingdom
Dernière mise à jour29 Jul 2022
Date d'inscription29 Jul 2022



  1. Server Features & Info + Base protection for the 48 hours after wipe (Wipe Protection). + Raid protection Between the hours of 12am-8am GMT. + 3 X Gather - 1.5 X Sulfur - 2 X Scrap + 3 X Electricity. + Faster Recycler speed and Crafting speed. + Furnace splitter. + Extra backpack. + Longer days and short nights(5mins) & Brighter nights. (edited)

  2. Plugins + Faster Recycler speed, Crafting speed and Quick Smelt. + Furnace splitter. + Extra backpack. + Monument Recycler. + Unburnable Meat. + Loot Bouncer. + Remover Tool (Auth). + Spawn Mini (Auth). + Automatic Authorization on TC, Turrets, locks and SAM site Authorization (For your team) (VIP). + Sync Pipes (VIP). + Coloured Chat (VIP). + Fuel Gauge (VIP) (edited)

  3. Commands Backpack: Press F1 to open console and type bind p (replace p with what every key u want) Remove Tool: Type /remove Minicopter: Type /mymini to get a free mini. Type /fmini to fetch your mini. to remove your mini, Type /nomini Sync Pipes: List of commands for Synce Pipes type /p h ingame  /skins for custom skins