US Rage Empire 2x

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Type 2x PVE PVP Furnace Splitter NPC Skinbox Noob Friendly 2x Gather
Emplacement United States
Dernière mise à jour23 Oct 2022
Date d'inscription26 Jul 2022


Welcome Veteran and Noob players alike

· Discord Link:

· Wipes on Mondays and Thursdays at 4pm EST / 3pm CST/ 1pm PST

· Monthly BP Wipe on forced wipe

· Minis, Scrap Helicopters and both types of boats spawn around the map

· No Group limit which gives noobs, solos, duos etc to team up if they would like

· 2x node gather

· Custom Events like Plane Crash and NPC raiders type /raidme in game for NPCs

· Initial kit using /kit initial in game

· /sb for skinbox in game

· Home recycler in elite crates

· Active Non-Playing admin

· Main Monuments including launch and custom monuments by guest designers

· To get a hold of admin please open a ticket under submit a ticket tab

· Don't be overly toxic especially to noobs, no racism, homophobia, racial or homophobic slurs

· Supporter of


To connect, follow these simple steps. -Launch Rust and then press F1 -Copy and paste the following client.connect and then hit enter. -It'll look like you're connecting to "Amsterdam II" don't worry, that's normal when connecting via console.