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Type 1x Vanilla No Bp Wipes Monthly Wipe Active Admins Noob Friendly Nonplaying admins Community Friendly Admins PVP
Emplacement United States
Dernière mise à jour21 Jun 2022
Date d'inscription19 Jun 2022



Welcome to [US] Retardified Vanilla Monthly | No BP Wipe - Active Admins
Retardified is a new server with the primary focus being you, growing a fun community, and great pvp!

As our population grows, so will our map. 
New Server Promotion in July. 
Visit Our Discord for more information (Server Info, Wipe, Rules, etc)

Server Info:
Map Wipe: Monthly at 18:00. Next map wipe 7/7
Server Restarts: Daily at 07:00 EST
No BP Wipes unless forced. 
No BS, Just Rust!

Custom Radio Stations
Active Non-playing admins with fast response times. You will never have to worry about Admin abuse on Retardified; we simply do not play on the server. We will not spawn in loot, break walls, PVP, farm, base, or provide intel. However, we will be actively watching in-game and console and will be available via discord.

No players with previous VAC/Game Bans on their steam profile. No exceptions.
Zero Tolerance with Cheating on this server. We will work hard to detect and ban suspected cheaters.