Calmbat 2x - Trio V

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Type 2x Limited Teleport Kits Limited MyMini Long Days Short Nights Custom Loot Trio Server Quick Smelt
Emplacement United States
Dernière mise à jour14 Sep 2022
Date d'inscription17 Apr 2022


Welcome to Calmbat

We're a lightly modded trio group server based within the USA. We are aiming to create a fairly relaxed but entertaining Rust server with QoL elements.

Wipe Info:

Last Wiped: 9/01/2022 (Map & BPs) @ 2pm EST
Next Wipe: 9/15/2022 (Map Only) @ 2pm EST


- 2x Gathering & Custom Loot
- 3x Crafting Speeds
- Fast Smelt
- Long Days & Short Nights
- Group Limit: 3
- Vanilla++ for Optimal Performance
- No Pay to Win

Highlight Mods:
3x Resources, Recycler, Custom Loot
Custom Kits
MyMini (Limited)
Quick Smelt
Teleport (Limited)
Trade (Limited)

Come join our Calmbat Community for a great Rust experience! Our Discord server is and we'd love to have you there! =)