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Dernière mise à jour01 Mar 2022
Date d'inscription28 Feb 2022


OverDose Has Released

Here at OverDose, we have a solid consistent team that works hard to ensure a server that players will find enjoyable and time-consuming, without feeling like the game is ending soon! new features constantly!
During our downtime, we have been working on a lot of ways to ensure a long-lasting/thriving server that is balanced for all players, donators, or non-donators!

Custom Minigames
New Custom minigames that will be a tough grind but enjoyable at the same time. Testing your RNG and your strength!

15+ Multi bosses and 50+ NPC zones
Tons of multi bosses that you can slay with a group of friends , or even solo if you are strong enough ! Even 50+ Zones that can be grinded through that drop better gear through-out your journey

Custom blood slayer
tasks with a lot of unique and never seen before npcs inside the blood slayer dungeon.

Group Ironman
Ever wanted to be an ironman but know it is a complete grind and don't want to be alone? Now you can group with your friends and grind as a team!

Yu-Gi-Oh Raids
Raids with 4 bosses from YuGiOh - Each boss has its own Combatscript with its own custom mechanics!

Battle pass
Earn a bunch of great items by leveling up the battle pass !

Daily Tasks
Daily player? This server is for you! Tons of daily tasks that can be completed to earn some juicy rewards

Automated gambling system
fun and easy gambling systems that can be played with the click of a few buttons ! chill and watch while you gamble and win large.

Daily login rewards
Every day you log in you earn a free reward!

Cosmetic Keepsake System
Ever seen a set you love in a custom server but you always grind out of it ? Now you can use keepsake keys to add your favorite items into your keepsake wardrobe, where you can override your current character display!