LIGHT MU S18 X5000

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Version 18.13
Type 5000x
Emplacement Canada
Dernière mise à jour20 Sep 2023
Date d'inscription20 Sep 2023



Welcome to LightMU!!


Server Information:


Version: Season 18 Part 1-3


Experience: 5000


Master Experience: x2000


Maximum Level: 400


Maximum Master Level: 1100


Max Account connections per 1 Computer: 5


Maximum Stat Points: 32000



Opening Times:

15:00 UTC +2 (Romania)

20:00 UTC +7 (Vietnam)

21:00 UTC +7 (Philippines)

10:00 UTC -3 (Argentina)

09:00 UTC -4 (Canada)

(Check countdown in website header!)



Starter Gifts:


Get 1st Lucky Ticket Set in Shop GP FREE


Pet Panda (1 Days) & Panda Ring (1 Days)



Reset System Information:


Level to Reset: 400


Stats after Reset: Burns


Stats after Reset: 1000 Points * reset count


Zen Required: 1.000.000 * reset count


Greset: 150reset

Greset reward: 2500W Coins




Moss Merchant with great rewards


Built in game AntiLag system


Events & Invasion Every Hour


Balanced PvM & PvP


Ruud / W Coins and everything can be found by playing

Vote for W Coins in website