NewSquad S18 25 AUG

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Version Season 18 STARTS 25 AUGUST
Type Semi Hard Non Reset Real Play2Win
Emplacement United Kingdom
Dernière mise à jour01 Aug 2023
Date d'inscription30 Jul 2023


NewSquad S18 25 AUG

Full Info about Server: HERE

  • Season: 18 Episode 3.
  • Normal Exp (1-400): Dynamic 8-15x - starts with very low exp and goes to higher exp as the game progress.
    • Note: The number of mobs on spots also gets higher as the game progresses.
      • Example: Lowest maps have 4 mobs on spots, highest maps have 10 mobs on spots.
  • Master EXP (400+): Dynamic 20-35x - starts low & goes higher or lower as you advance in Master Levels.
    • Note: Master Exp can be gained on any monsters over level 110.
    • Note2: Majestic Exp can be gained on any monsters over level 190.
  • Gameplay: Non-Reset.
  • Maximum Level: 1500 (400 Normal + 1100 Master).
  • Drop: 15%.
  • Max ADD on Items: 28.
  • Party Exp System: 
    • The following exp rates will be applied no matter the races that are in the party:
      • Solo = 100%.
      • 2 Players = 102%.
      • 3 Players = 105%.
      • 4 Players = 108%.
      • 5 Players = 112%.
    • Now, when there are ONLY 4 people in a party, but all of them different races (Perfect Party):
      • Everyone gets a "seal" with +5% EXP from the 4-man base exp (108%).
    • If there are 5 people in a party, and all of them different races (Perfect Party):
      • Everyone gets a "seal" with +7% EXP from the 5-man base exp (112%).
    • To apply the seal, a player from the party must be in the 10x10 range of PM.
    • If the PM hasn't at least 1 other player from the party in his 10x10 range, he won't get the seal alone.
      • So: Leaving from the spot means losing your seal, but others on the spot near PM do not lose it.
      • If the PM leaves the spot and he's alone, nobody has a seal anymore, including the PM.
  • All events work with nice rewards and adjusted difficulties (& custom additions).
  • Guild System: Maximum 20 players in a guild for all classes.
    • Note: The level needed to create a guild is 100.
    • Note2: Maximum amount of players in a guild will be raised as the game progress.
  • Alliance System: Maximum 2 guilds in an alliance.
    • Note: Alliance can join the CS as well with the same rights as the main guild.
    • Note2: There can only be 25/40 players at CS per alliance, with a minimum of 10 being from the main guild.
    • Note3: Maximum amount of players per alliance at CS will be raised as the game progress.
  • Elf Soldier Buff: Up to level 200 (or higher with VIP).
  • Limited Connections: Maximum of 2 accounts on same IP/HWID.
    • Note: Energy Elves & Lemuria Buffers are removed from gameplay so you can have 1 main + 1 alt.
    • Note2: The Energy Elf build is made only for Castle Siege using a free stats rebuild before each CS.
  • Shops for a low-exp server.
  • Limited HP & Mana stacks: Maximum of 9 HP (Large) pots stack and 30 Mana (Large) pots stack (for PvP and PvM experience).
  • All characters are unlocked from level 1.
  • Reconnect System fully working.
  • Play2Win System: No Web Shop, no Cash Shop, only VIP System (without VIP Server) & Web-Credits for Premium Modules.
  • Helper from level 1.
  • Party Exp Gap: 100 Levels.
  • Max Level to Delete a Character: 350. To delete chars over level 350 you need to contact us.
  • OFF-Attack: Active for everyone, 5 hours no auto-pick (VIP can boost its duration and can add auto-pick).
  • Quest 3 is reworked and is no longer based on RNG drop.
    • You will automatically get your Quest 3 item after killing 75x monsters from each of the 3 quest monsters.
  • Small Wings are nerfed compared to Wings Level 1.
  • There are no reset stats on the website! So be careful with how you add your points!
    • You can only reset stats with Reset Fruits farmed in-game.
  • PK clear is off, so if you want to PK you must also wait 20-60 minutes to clear, and/or you must kill mobs.