DarkLordMu S19P2

Site Web globalmuonline.com
Version Just Opened DL Renewal
Type New server GP per level Play to get FO
Emplacement Canada
Dernière mise à jour02 Jun 2024
Date d'inscription26 Jun 2022


DarkLordMu S19P2

Version: Season 19part 2-1 Dark Lord renewal opened This episode is dedicated to Dark Lord


  • New skills: Crown Force, Battle Glory, Spirit Blast
  • New pets: Divine Horse, Fire Divine spirit, Ice Divine Spirit, Holy Divine Spirit
  • Shield: Apocalypse Lord Shield
  • Spirit blast skill: Can be used when Spirit (new raven) is equipped

Experience: X1000, Master X1000, Majestic X1000
Points per level: Standart 5/7


Reset in game: /reset 10Wcoins 1000 ruud, !No Reset limit! After reset auto move character to lorencia! Stats burms, free stats: 500*Reset. Costs 1mil*Reset
Master points: 2
Majestic points: 2

Login limit: 5Accounts per IP(PC) Event server: 3Accounts

Starter bonus:

  • Warrior 100 and 300lvl ring
  • Exc weapon

Reset milestones rewards:

  • Reset 10: Ice Dragon pet
  • Reset 100: Pear Lion Pet
  • Reset 200: Shining tail pet
  • Reset 500: Ur Pet

Chaos machine for leveling up items to +15= 100% Succes rate!

Each reset gives a random jewel, 5% chance for bundled jewel!

Goblin points: Each level 1 GP (GP shop includes FO items, pentas, jewels)

Happy Hour exp: Morning 8-9 Evening 20-21 Server time
All top bosses respawn every 2hours!
Golden invasion Every 1hour!

  • Socket Weapons +15 +5sockets extra: Auto combo chance 5%
  • 4th Wings +15 extra: 200% Elemental damage!
  • 5th Wings +15 extra: 400% Elemental damage!
  • Apocalypse items +15 extra: Critical/Double Damage

Resetting stats ingame, commands: example /decstr 11
Make perfect build, rebuild stats
Decrease Strenght points = /decstr
Decrease Agility points = /decagi
Decrease Vitality points = /decvit
Decrease Energy points = /decene
Decrease Command points = /deccmd

  • /npc To Open shop npc, to sell or buy
  • /store To Open vault