Berserker Mu

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Discord Discord
Version Season 16
Type 500x Community Configured Balanced Pvp Dedicated Events No Pay To Win
Dernière mise à jour02 Apr 2022
Date d'inscription03 Jan 2022


Berserker Mu - Season 16 (Incoming Season 17)
Opening 30 August

Server Information:

Berserker MU is medium-rate server with regressive exp rate 300x ~ 30x. The version is Season 16 (Coming soon, update for Season 17)!

Each new player receives a starter gift and can enjoy easy leveling, thanks to the numerous spots in almost all maps. In the NPCs you will find great items and wings to start your game.

Server Settings:

- Version: Season 16
- EXP: 300x ~ 30x
- Drop rate: Medium
- Maximum Level: 400
- Maximum Master Level: 900
- Total Max Level: 1300
- Points per Level: Standard - 5/7
- Points per Level (Marlon): Standard - 6/8
- Maximum stats: 40.000

Starter Gift:

- Lucky Set
- Pentagram box
- 1,000,000,000 Zen