MAZEMU World s18

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Discord Discord
Version Season18
Type 500 Custom Quest System Unique Moss Merchant Team Play Bosses Optimized Game World Battle Royale
United Kingdom
Dernière mise à jour29 Dec 2022
Date d'inscription14 Feb 2020


MAZEMU World s18

MAZEMU Season 18 Episode 1-3

RegularExp: x500 / MasterExp: x100 / MajesticExp: x75 - START 30 DECEMBER (19:00 GMT+2)

Season18 - World of MAZEMU - Path of illumination!

New Character Illusion Knight - Arrived!

- Season18 P1-3
- Master Skill Tree adjusted for reset-like style
- Upgraded Pentagrams for reset-like
- Battle Royale Event
- Custom Invasions
- Zen / Jewels based economy
- Reset-like excellent options
- Improved Muun System for reset-like
- MAZEMU Quest System (Coming Soon)
- Great Support and Services

Check our game guide: (web will be available soon - Join Discord NOW!)

Performed with love for gaming community!