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Version 1.20 1.19 1.18.x 1.17.x 1.19x
Type Classic Prison Prison Events
Emplacement Italy
Dernière mise à jour22 Aug 2023
Date d'inscription30 Jul 2023


This server would be what you always expected.

- = CareFree Prison = -
Do you like to rank up by mining and selling blocks to reach freedom?
Here we are!

Would you like to rank up even without mining? Playing more with various server users?
The answer is CareFree Prison.
We have an advanced Skills system, the possibility of drugging yourself, a wide range of custom enchants, tags and quests, countless events, a fishing system never seen before and a very simple mechanic to obtain keys which is the heart of the server.
You will be able to enhance your mining experience with various boosts and one-of-a-kind special events!

Wish you had a way to make PvP more exciting?
Ok we have this answer too.
CareFree Prison offers a wide range of custom enchants that can be applied to weapons, armor and even tools, which can dramatically change the type of combat to be adopted.
You will also be able to relive the old moments before with the pvp mechanics without the delay like in 1.8, without the shield and any new features related to the combat.
Not to mention the stupefied substances, get them to have a clear edge in pvp.

Can I find rare items by digging with the Shovel?
Certain. we offer a mine full of resources obtainable with a shovel, in addition to many rare items to complete the various quests that are proposed to you in your adventure.

Can I somehow team up with my teammates?
Absolutely yes.
You can create a gang and invite any user considered your friend from now on, join the PvP zone for fantastic battles until the last gang
The Arena, on the other hand, offers a different mechanic, fight without losing your items, test your skills there before going into battle!

What you need to understand is very simple:
CareFree Prison takes users to a new vision of prison, never seen before, with revolutionized mechanics to let you relive the prison experience years ago, based on PvP and which wants to bring users to recognize what was once called Prison.

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