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Statut Unknown
Dernière PingMonitoring disabled
Version 1.19.4
Type Balanced Economy survival pvp pve Land Claim Clans Player Warps gems crates ranks
Dernière mise à jour25 Jul 2023
Date d'inscription25 Jul 2023


- We just launched on August! If you're looking for a new community to join, this is for you!
- We're a non-P2W server, and never will be! All donation ranks grant purely cosmetic perks and benefits!
- A realistic, dynamic economy. The server has a finite amount of money to distribute between players.
- A special Secret Market, where you can get rare and powerful items.
- A well-thought-out, balanced, and progressive ranking system, with each rank containing a specific set of perks and more! Join our server now and check it out with /ranks.
- And so, so much more! An auction house, player warps, chest shops, quests, claims, player-made clans., and the list goes on!
What are you waiting for? Join our server and start today!