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Discord Discord
Statut Unknown
Dernière PingMonitoring disabled
Version 19.3
Type Anarchy Custom Items mcmmo Economy PvP Survival Survival Custom Ranks
Emplacement United States
Dernière mise à jour02 Mar 2023
Date d'inscription10 Feb 2023


Untopia is a new anarchy server with a large map on v1.19. The map will not be reset. We only have a only a few rules giving you almost total freedom to play you want. We don't allow hacks/cheats, lag machines or extreme chat spam but almost anything else goes.

Enjoy the challenge of surviving while building hidden bases far away from spawn, making allies or enemies, PVP combat with other players, forming your own groups to work on projects or bases together, conquering other players bases and anything else you can think of. Unlike many anarchy servers we have some plugins to add a little more to the base game (nothing to overpowered or game breaking).

- We have some custom items you can obtain from crates. You occasionally get crate keys from fishing, mining, digging, farming, and tree cutting.
- You can join a job which gives you the ability to earn coins while you dig, mine, smelt ores, farm, fish and more.
- We use McMMO to add some additional skills and a leveling system to the game.
- You can use coins to purchase new ranks, which allows you to get more perks. Coins are also the currency for buying/selling in the auction house with other players.
- /homes and /playerwarps are available to certain ranks, but limited, to help encourage exploration and travel.
- When you die, your inventory will go into a grave chest, and you are provided a compass enabling you to go back to where you died. Grave chest can be looted by anyone.