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Type Casual Survival Arena Pvp Parkour Adventure Vanilla
United Kingdom
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Welcome Minecraft Player!                                                                                                                    
Amity SMP is a latest-version cross play server and is an awesome for players who love the survival experience to express their creativity and sense of adventure. The server is currently hosted in London.

✯ Java + Bedrock support
✯ High render distance limit
✯ No lag (constant 20 TPS)
✯ No bugs
✯ No cheaters 
✯ 20+ added features including a new dimension - the aether! 
✯ No mods/resource packs required
✯ None of the dimensions will reset until a major minecraft update when terrain generation changes and a new world has to be generated (you can keep your builds)
✯ Ranks earned from playtime (Not pay to win)
✯ Protection areas
✯ Optimized for best Quality of life

Port: 26794

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