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Statut Unknown
Dernière PingMonitoring disabled
Version 1.19 1.12
Type Faction Wars Faction Survival
Emplacement Netherlands
Dernière mise à jour16 Aug 2022
Date d'inscription09 Aug 2022


Hello there! Welcome to The MInecraft Civilization - SMP!

Thanks for joining our server, it means a lot to us! This server is divided into two parts! Community and Civilization [The minecraft server] This server is an active server which has events every 2 to 3 weeks, The Minecraft server has quality builds built by staff builders! You will find here Nice, Welcoming type of people! This server is very friendly. We also do giveaways every 3 to 5 months! If you explored the whole discord server but you are bored, then You can even talk to Chatbot! The bot is going to act and talk very nicely to you. Also, There is a channel which is guide to the server, every channel's purpose. The more you level up, the more roles you get, Same with the invites, So Please keep inviting people to this server. We Currently have 9 Staff Members In total, Various types of staff-

1. Civilization Manager, This person's job is to manage the most of the minecraft server.
2. Community Manager, This person's job is to manage the most of the discord server/community.
3. Administrator. [Appointed by The Community Manager]
4. Head Moderator [Appointed by The Community Manager]
5. Moderator [Appointed by The Community Manager]
6. Trial Moderator [when someone passes interview, they get this role and when they do a good job, they get the moderator role] [Appointed by The Community Manager]
7. Helper [Appointed by The Community Manager]
8. Trial Helper [ When someone passes the interview of this role, then they get this role and if they do a good job then they will get the helper role]
9. Developer, People with this role develop and code things in the Minecraft Server, they are appointed by The Civilization Manager.
10. Trial Developer.
11. Staff Builder, These people build official structures in the Minecraft server, The Staff Builds. They are appointed by The Civilization Manager. Together, We All Manage This Two Part Server, Welcome To The Minecraft Civilization - SMP! Good Luck, And Have Fun!

then you support the server with making videos as you have a big channel you can get youre own creator code more info in the discord server

you give task and get tasks and you are going to do them

you give and do tasks and make everything organized

you help us with developing you can apply by joining the server

you get task from higher roles and help them

you are going to advertise the server