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Statut Unknown
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Version 1.12.2
Type Adventure Heroes Abilities Magic Tech Modded Economy Auction Active Action
Emplacement United Kingdom
Dernière mise à jour17 Nov 2022
Date d'inscription17 Feb 2022


A fan-made server so you can also play Insane Craft with your friends like your YouTube Heroes!!

Curseforge link

Technic Link

Make your own custom hero or use one of the pre-made heroes.
We have land claiming, party system, player shops, kits and voting crates with tons more planned.

The server is new and therefore a work in progress expect updates.

Play the same mods played by: [SSundee], [Sigils], [Henwy], [BiffleWiffle], and [JeromeASF].

Recommended RAM:




Mod List:

The Betweenlands (MrCompost)

AbyssalCraft (Shinoow)

AbyssalCraft Integrations (Shinoow)

Alchemistry (al132)

AmbientSounds 4 (CreativeMD)

Ancient Spellcraft (windanesz)

B.A.S.E (lanse505)

BadWitherNoCookieReloaded (Kreezxil)

Bewitchment-Legacy (sunconure11)

Botania (Vazkii)

Brandon's Core (brandon3055)

Buildcraft (Covert_Jaguar)

Carry On (Tschipp)

Champions (TheIllusiveC4)

Chunk-Pregenerator (Speiger)

Corail Tombstone (Corail_31)

CraftTweaker (Jaredlll08)

CreativeCore (CreativeMD)

Cyclic (Lothrazar)

DimensionalDoors (DimensionalDevelopment)

Doomlike Dungeons (JaredBGreat)

Draconic Evolution (brandon3055)

Electroblob's Wizardry (Electroblob)

ExtraPlanets (MJRLegends)

FastWorkbench (Shadows_of_Fire)

Flux Networks (sonar_sonic)

FoamFix (asiekierka)

Future MC (thedarkcolour)

Hammer (Lib) Core (Zeitheron)

iChunUtil (ohaiiChun)

Inventory Pets (Purplicious_Cow_)

Just Enough Calculation (towdium)

LittleTiles (CreativeMD)

Lucraft: Core (Lucraft)

Mahou Tsukai (stepcros)

MJRLegends Lib (MJRLegends)

ModTweaker (Jaredlll08)

MTLib (Jaredlll08)

Mystical World (Noobanidus)

MysticalLib (Noobanidus)

Patchouli (Vazkii)

Recipe Stages (Jaredlll08)

Roots (Noobanidus)

So Many Enchantments (ShelterRin)

Tesla Core Lib (face_of_cat)

The Aether (GildedGames)

The Aurorian (shiroroku)

Tickrate Changer (Guichaguri)

UniDict (WanionCane)

Worley's Caves (super_fluke)

xXx_MoreToolMats_xXx (TeamDman)

/dank/null (TheRealp455w0rd)

A Lib (al132)

Actually Additions (Ellpeck)

Additional Structures (XxRexRaptorxX)

Admin Weapons (elias54_)

Advent of Ascension (Scimiguy)

AE2 Stuff (bdew)

AE2 Wireless Terminal Library (TheRealp455w0rd)

Aether Continuation (XaeronTheProtogen)

Aether: Lost Content (Modding Legacy)

Akashic Tome (Vazkii)

Animus (TeamDman)

Antique Atlas (Hunternif)

Apotheosis (Shadows_of_Fire)

AppleCore (squeek502)

AppleSkin (squeek502)

Applied Energistics 2 (AlgorithmX2)

Armory Expansion (AshuraNoYami)

Aroma1997Core (Aroma1997)

AromaBackup (Aroma1997)

Astral Sorcery (HellFirePvP)

AutoRegLib (Vazkii)

Avaritia 1.1x (brandon3055)

Baubles (Azanor13)

BdLib (bdew)

Better Builder's Wands (Portablejim)

BetterFps (Guichaguri)

Biome O' Plenty (Forstride)

BiomeTweaker (superckl)

Blood Arsenal (Arcaratus)

Blood Magic (WayofTime)

Bookshelf (DarkhaxDev)

Botanic Additions (Zeitheron)

Bountiful (Forge) (ejektaflex)

Building Gadgets (Direwolf20)

Chance Cubes (TurkeyDev)

Chicken Chunks 1.8.+ (covers1624)

Chickens (setycz)

Chisel (tterrag1098)

CodeChicken Lib 1.8.+ (covers1624)

CoFH Core (TeamCoFH)

CoFH World (TeamCoFH)

CompactStorage (tobyystrong)

ConnectedTexturesMod (tterrag1098)

Construct's Armory (TheIllusiveC4)

ContentTweaker (Jaredlll08)

Controlling (Jaredlll08)

Wearable Backpacks (HeckinChloe)

CoroUtil (Corosus)

Crafting Tweaks (BlayTheNinth)

Crimson Revelations (mobiusflip)

Dark Utilities (DarkhaxDev)

Doggy Talents (percivalalb)

Draconic Additions (FoxMcloud5655)

Dungeons2 (gottsch)

Electroblob's Twilight Forest Spell Pack (Electroblob)

Enchantment Descriptions (DarkhaxDev)

Ender Storage 1.8.+ (covers1624)

Energy Converters (xalcon)

Extra Alchemy (zabi94)

Extra Spells (Electroblob's Wizardry) (meldexun)

Extra Utilities ()

ExtraCells2 ()

Farseek (delvr)

FastFurnace (Shadows_of_Fire)

Forestry ()

Game Stages (DarkhaxDev)

Gendustry (bdew)

Gendustry JEI (ninjabrain1)

Ghost's Explosives (ghostgamingpe)

GottschCore (gottsch)

Guide-API (TehNut)

GunpowderLib (Jackyy)

Hatchery (GenDeathrow)

HeroesExpansion (Lucraft)

Hwyla (TehNut)

ICBM-Classic (QueenOfMissiles)

Ice and Fire: Dragons (alex_khaan)

Industrial Foregoing (Buuz135)

Infinity Craft (AnvilcraftMC)

Integration Foregoing (Jackyy)

Inventory Tweaks (JimeoWan)

Iron Chests (ProgWML6)

JEI Bees (bdew)

JEI Integrations (SnowShock35)

JourneyMap (techbrew)

Just Enough Energistics (TheRealp455w0rd)

Just Enough Harvestcraft (mrapplexz)

Just Enough Items (mezz)

Just Enough Resources (way2muchnoise)

Lapis Stays in the Enchantment Table ()

LLibrary ()

Loot Games (Time_Conqueror)

LootBags (Mina_the_Engineer)

LootTableTweaker (DarkhaxDev)

Lycanites Mobs (Lycanite)

Mantle (mDiyo)

Max Potion ID Extender (zabi94)

GalacticraftCore (Micdoodle)

MicDoodleCore (Micdoodle)

Minerva Library (zabi94)

Moar Tinkers (AshuraNoYami)

More Bees (Tencao)

More Chickens (GenDeathrow)

More Overlays (FeldiM245)

Morpheus (Quetzi)

Mouse Tweaks (YaLTeR)

Mowzie's Mobs (bobmowzie)

MrCrayfish's Furniture Mod (MrCrayfish)

Multi Mob Library (Daveyx0)

Natura (mDiyo)

Nature's Compass (Chaosyr)

NotEnoughIDs (fewizz_)

OMLib (Keridos)

Open Modular Turrets (Keridos)

OpenBlocks (OpenMods)

OpenModsLib (OpenMods)

Ordinary Coins (flametaichou)

Ore Excavation (Funwayguy)

p455w0rd's Library (TheRealp455w0rd)

Pam's Breadcraft (quackandcheese)

Pam's Cookables (BloodWorkXGaming)

Pam's HarvestCraft (pamharvestcraft)

Performant (someaddon)

Phosphor (jellysquid3)

Placebo (Shadows_of_Fire)

PlayerAPI (doch13_)

Portal Gun (ohaiiChun)

Primitive Mobs (Daveyx0)

Project Intelligence (brandon3055)

Quark (Vazkii)

Quark Oddities (Vazkii)

RandomPatches (TheRandomLabs)

Redstone Arsenal (TeamCoFH)

Redstone Flux (TeamCoFH)

xReliquary (P3pp3rF1y)

Roguelike Dungeons (Greymerk)

Roost (timrwood)

Serene Seasons (TheAdubbz)

Shadowfacts' Forgelin (ShadowfactsDev)

Simple Generators (TeamKrypticLink)

Sit (bl4ckscor3)

Snad (TheRoBrit)

Sound Reloader (TheWhoAreYouPerson)

Special AI (FatherToast)

Speedster Heroes (Lucraft)

Spice of Life: Carrot Edition (lordcazsius)

Star Tech, Man! (nictogen)

Straw Golem (Fradige95)

Streams (delvr)

Surge (DarkhaxDev)

SwingThroughGrass (exidex)

TAIGA (zkafaceTV)

TellMe (masady)

Thaumcraft (Azanor13)

Thaumic Inventory Scanning (BlayTheNinth)

Thaumic JEI (Buuz135)

Thaumic Terminal (O_O)

The Fifth World (nictogen)

The Midnight (cipher_zero_x)

The Twilight Forest (Benimatic)

Thermal Cultivation (TeamCoFH)

Thermal Dynamics (TeamCoFH)

Thermal Expansion (TeamCoFH)

Thermal Foundation (TeamCoFH)

Time Core (Time_Conqueror)

Tinkers Construct (mDiyo)

Tinkers' Tool Leveling (bonusboni)

Tiny Progressions (Kashdeya)

TNTUtils (ljfa2)

Treasure2! (gottsch)

Underground Biomes (Kreezxil)

ValkyrieLib (ValkyrieofNight)

VanillaFix (Runemoro)

Wall-Jump! (genandnic)

WanionLib (WanionCane)

Waystones (BlayTheNinth)

Weather2 (Corosus)

Wireless Crafting Terminal (TheRealp455w0rd)

XL Food Mod (mariot7)

ZenStages (artdude543)

Lycanite's Redux (indominator650)

Wakanda Lucraft Add-on (Azinthos)

DFHeroes Lucraft Add-on (DuvainFeynorim)