Summit Survival

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Statut Online
Dernière Ping9 minutes 24 seconds ago
Version 1.16.4
Type Semivanilla PVPRAIDING No Moderation
United States
Dernière mise à jour14 Jan 2021
Date d'inscription14 Jan 2021


Summit Survival does not have many extra features other than the basics. You'll find that we are very much a semi-vanilla server with no modifications to core gameplay, other than a few commands. There are no plugins to claim and protect land/chests to preserve the vanilla experience, however, things such as grief are not allowed and are rolled back by our staff team using CoreProtect. Stealing, raiding and looting is allowed because it would be far too difficult to police without any form of bloated land claiming plugin. Our server provides a raw survival experience. You won't be bogged down by claiming plugins. Not only are you are surviving against an environment on hard difficulty and vanilla spawn rates, but also players, as PvP is enabled everywhere except for spawn. Chat is unmoderated. Features:: Set 2 homes Teleport to /spawn Ability to safely trade with others using /trade. Coordinates shown on death Fine tuned anticheat and competent staff to ensure the integrity of the server for legitimate players /ignore and /silent to self-moderate your chat World border: 128,000 -64k in each direction Hosted in California, USA on a AMD Ryzen 3900X with 10gb of ram. Difficulty on Hard View Distance is 14 (throttled down for performance if necessary) Vanilla spawn rates, not throttled down to optimize the server, because we are on a powerful host.

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