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Discord Discord
IP du serveur
Statut Unknown
Dernière PingMonitoring disabled
Version 1.16.4
Type Survival semi vanilla whitelist mature community friendly hermitcraft
United Kingdom
Dernière mise à jour16 Mar 2021
Date d'inscription05 Jan 2021


Welcome to VanillaCraft!

Were delighted that youve decided to join our community. 
If you would like to join our server, please make your application in our discord!
 Server IP:
 We are a community of mature, late-teens/adult community of people who enjoy Vanilla Minecraft. 
You can apply for the server @discord. 
 We ask that all members of the community conduct themselves with respect for others. 
 Conversation or comments aimed at creating contention or animosity in the server should be avoided. 
 Acceptable modifications are: 
Autoclickers , Fabric, OptiFabric, Voxel Map, OptiFine, Forge, Inventory Tweaks, Journey Map, Litematica, Schematica, Xaeros World Map and Xaeros Minimap. 
Unnacceptable modifications are: 
Any other modifications used to alter game play in any way, including but not limited to X-ray methods, is forbidden. Using a game bug or glitch intentionally to advance yourself or your game play is also forbidden. 
 Alts alternate accounts are not allowed. 
 Griefing and PvP aka Player vs Player are prohibited unless it is consensual. 
 The Discord channels are SFW. Essentially, if you wouldnt be comfortable with your mother or partner seeing it, dont type it. 
 A base is considered to be a 750x750 block square area for each individual or group of individuals if basing together. Spawn is the area within 500 blocks of 150x/250z and should not be built upon or modified without staff permission. 
 The Nether Tunnels will be made at 128, just above bedrock. 
Feel free to connect your personal tunnels to the main road at this level. 
 TNT/Bed blasting in the Nether should happen at least 2500 blocks away from the Hub.