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Site Web Site Web
Discord Discord
IP du serveur
Statut Unknown
Dernière PingMonitoring disabled
Version 1.16.2
Type Semi Vanilla Fun Survival Keepinventory
United States
Dernière mise à jour05 Sep 2020
Date d'inscription03 Sep 2020


IP: play.klublock.net


Klublock is a semi-vanilla survival server currently running in 1.16.2, updated whenever stable updates come out. We have several plug-ins active to enhance your playing experience, such as backpacks, warps, and homes. New plug-ins are added regularly, either to enhance vanilla or as a result of players voting.

You can start off by doing /wild, to get resources, claim land, or start an awesome town with your friends. The sky is the limit and only your imagination limits the possibilities!

Our staff is always hard at work to protect your claims, resolve any problems, and entertain our players. We're not accepting any new staff without due process, as we aim to have a well-coordinated team present at all times.

We have several well-made starter towns to help you out getting through your early days, along with public warps to farms and server-builds. When uncertain if we have a certain farm, you can always ask our staff or your fellow players!

Our patrons contribute to give a well-maintained server that will work its hardest to give you the best experience you can have! Donations grant you extra perks, such as access to certain commands and daily, weekly, or monthly kits of free stuff.