L2Olympia.de 11.10

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Version Interlude
Type Classic Antboot Craft Custom Armor Customs Fun GM Shop Low Rate Global GK Offline Shop
Emplacement Ukraine
Dernière mise à jour04 Oct 2023
Date d'inscription20 Jul 2023


  • MAIN A more detailed description is available in the discord channel. The server is a normal version of the game with some modifications. There is a full buff and 28 slots for buffs, getting a class from NPC Ghost of Aden, a small GM-Shop with starter consumables. Take a subclass can be without a quest. Inventory increased to 160 slots, the maximum carryable weight increased tenfold.
  • RATE Gain experience x8, drop and spoil x5, adena x4, drop from raid bosses x2 (does not work on the epic), the chance of falling out quest items x2 (increased to x4 on popular quests), fishing and manor x2.
  • ENCHANT Chance to enchant items with normal scroll 60%, blessed 70%. For killing a Tyrannosaurus from level 10 to 13, you can improve your soul crystal with a 70% chance.
  • EVENT Available extraction of medals with subsequent exchange for prizes (to see the entire list of rewards get the appropriate level from the blue cat) and the cultivation of pumpkins. Also held weekly fishing tournament as a reward for which you can get Shiny Adena.
  • RAID Added new bosses. Baium every Tuesday and Friday at 20:00, Antharas every Saturday at 20:00, Valakas every Sunday at 20:00. Respawn absolutely all bosses corresponds to the classic respawn. You can find out the respawn of the 72+ and epic bosses using the command .rb or from the service manager.
  • OLYMPIAD The server has a 7-day cycle of the Olympiad. Maximum enchantment +6, minimum number of battles 9 (3 must be victorious). Start from 4+ people (check for HWID).
  • ADDONS Absolutely every monster in the world drops a mana potion. Available .acp and .offline trade. Changed the characteristics of the Core ring and Orfen earrings, added new costume jewelry with unique effects. Shiny Adena falls from any champion in the world. The smith of mammon is available in the forge of giran. NPC who gives quests for nobility can exchange reagents or status of a nobleman for online points, which are issued every hour. Added reward for PvP with subsequent exchange for valuable prizes from GM-Shop. On the server present costumes that add 20% of the received adena. Added new skills for support classes at level 76. For fishing tickets you can learn new skills.
  • VOTE As a reward for voting, you can get a one-day epic bijouterie with no magical protection. To get the reward for voting, vote for the server on the banners in the header and enter in the chat command .vote . Can also be obtained from high level raid bosses.