L2 Revolution 250X

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Site Web l2revolution.com.br
Version H5
Type Custom Zone Global GK GM Shop High Rate Fun NPC Buffer Offline Shop Pvp Vitality System
Dernière mise à jour28 Jul 2021
Date d'inscription28 Jul 2021


Server Info:

Exp: 250x / Sp: 250x / Adena: 200x / Drop VIP: 2x / Spoil: 4x / Boss: 1x / Quest: 1x

Max Level: 85

Class Transfer: Free

Subclass: Free - Max Level 85


Slots 28+4

Slots Dances / Songs - 14

Buff Time 2 horas
Dance of Berseker and Song of Purification 2 minutes


Safe Enchant: +3

Max Enchant: +16

Enchant Chance:

Normal Scroll: 50% Max 12
Blessed Scroll: 70% Max 12
Divine Scroll: 100% Max 16

Element Stone: 60% chance

Element Crystal: 50% chance

Sieges every 14 days

TerritoryWar every 14 days max 3 flags per castle

All Clan Penalty Times = 1 Day

Maximum Ally Size = 2 


From 18:00 to 23:50 every day

Olympiad period ends every 1st and 15th days

1 register for computer

Minimum registered 5
Max Enchant +6
Raid Boss: Drop Giant Codex / Mastery Codex / Blessed Scroll S
Grand Boss: Drop Giant Codex / Mastery Codex / Blessed Scroll S / Divine Scroll S and Jewels not for Sale in GMSHOP
Zone PvP Flag
Events Automatic: TVT / DM / CTF / Hunting
Farm Zones Custom Drop:
Monastery of Silence  - Dark|Light Crystal Farm and Stones Elements
Plains of the Lizardmen: Fire|Water Crystal Farm and Stones Elements
Seed of Annhilation: Earth|Wind Crystal Farm And Stones Elements
NPC for Nobless
Gatekeeper Custom with Leveling 10 - 85
NPC Full Clan Mananger
All Raid boss Retail.

- For complaint or suggestion or to report a BUG on the server the service is only through the website logging into the panel and sending a message to the staff
- I don't provide in-game support through the website only.

I hope you have fun and are welcome