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Statut Unknown
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Type Roleplay Police Gangs Jobs Racing Economy Ems Doj Drugs Fun
Emplacement United States
Dernière mise à jour12 Feb 2022
Date d'inscription12 Feb 2022


–Zen RP–

Why are we called Zen RP?

We call ourselves Zen RP because we strive to create and sustain a “Zen” community. We are fully whitelisted to ensure a high quality of role play and to help prevent unnecessary conflict from arising.

Why should you join?

Zen RP was started by a group of friends who wanted to build a role play community that was focused on having fun and comedic interactions rather than focusing on the ‘winning’ aspect of role play. Our goal is to grow as much as we can and help everyone live out their role play story. We hope to build an amazing community that everyone will enjoy and bring streamers lots of content. As well, we have a large staff and development team that will deal with each issue as a group and vote for a final say to avoid any type of bias in a situation. Lastly, our server is 18+, this is to maintain a level of safety and comfort within our server.

Our methodology

The world we know isn’t focused on the life of criminals, so why focus on that in a role play server? Much like the real world, our government is aiming to focus on the life quality of legal people while criminal activities get created by natural RP and then supported by a script when deserved. Of course, robbing a bank, selling/processing drugs, and gangs are available, but so is the option for your criminal to start his own business as a money laundering front and trying to maintain a legal status. Or if you’re going the legal route, saving up your money and purchasing a unit for a custom business you want to open, or if you have the means to make it, become a CEO and own multiple business to work towards being a corporate powerhouse. The possibilities are endless thanks to an extremely talented staff team and a lead developer who works in tandem with the framework.

Jobs: EMS, Police, DOJ (future), Lawyer, Judge, Mechanic, Pdm, Towing, Vineyard, Garbage, Taxi, Real estate, News Reporter, Trucking, Hot dog stand

Crafting: Spread out around the city, almost anything can be crafted that is not for sale at a business or store.


Gabz MLO Pack

Custom Clothing EUP

Custom tuned cars for realistic handling

Racing App

Drug crafting/growing/processing

Custom businesses available

Current Gangs:

Midnight Club


Grove Street Families

Custom Scripts & Businesses:

Ozzy’s Weed Shop

Burger Shot

Farming job

Trading Cards

Coming soon: Perry’s Logistics

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