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Version Episode 30 Episode 29 Episode 8
Type Balanced Customs Mid Rate Pve Pvp
Emplacement Poland
Dernière mise à jour18 Aug 2023
Date d'inscription18 Aug 2023


We are Elysium Team and we invented and implemented into Cabal Unique Game System that support yours gameplay! Own made features :  Overlord System 200LVL [For Now] - Possible 1000+ Wings System 200LVL [Now] - Unlimited Possibility Karma System 100LVL [Now] Myth Levels [Future] - Also Unlimited Unique Craft Play/Grind To Win All things farmable Solo/Party Play Challenging Dungeons Server created for players! No RMT No Cheats No Bots Active Friendly talkative Staff Members High Budget project Lot's of content already in build!  Proffessional Team that takes care about your safety !