heRO a Heroic experience of Ragnarok Online 5/5/3


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Version Pre Renewal
Type Balanced Battlegrounds Customized Friendly GMs Active GMs Events Low Rate International Trans Class
Dernière mise à jour11 Jul 2018
Date d'inscription10 Jul 2018

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We're a 5/5/3 pre-renewal stable server up for over 12 years! You can always count on us. Unique Quests, Dungeons, Events, Hairstyles, Fishing, Mining, Light VS Dark Allegiance System, Retro WoE & so much +++! Better than regular RO, with no bots, active GMs and a friendly community!

Website: http://www.hero-server.net/

Register: http://www.pandoraonline.net/cp/?module=account&action=create

Control Panel: http://www.pandoraonline.net/cp/?module=main

Wiki: http://www.pandoraonline.net/heRO_wiki/index.php?title=Main_Page

Forums: http://www.pandoraonline.net/forum/

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