Pirate Network

IP del Servidor
Discord Discord
Estatus Unknown
Ultimo PingMonitoring disabled
Versión 1.19.2
Tipo lifesteal smp survival smp free for all No Premium
Ubicación Romania
Ultima Actualización01 Jun 2024
Fecha de Ingreso01 Jun 2024


Welcome to Pirate Network – the ultimate Lifesteal SMP adventure!

Set sail on a wild journey where you can steal hearts from your enemies and grow stronger with each victory. This isn't just any Lifesteal SMP server – Pirate Network is packed with features you'll only find here.

Why join Pirate Network?

  • Unique Lifesteal Mechanics: Every battle matters. Steal hearts and become the most powerful pirate on the server!
  • Custom Lands: Explore and conquer custom-made islands filled with treasures and secrets.
  • Player-Made Shops: Trade your hard-earned loot with other pirates and build your empire.
  • Special Events: Participate in regular events and win exclusive rewards.
  • Friendly Community: Join a crew of friendly pirates and make new friends.

Whether you’re a seasoned sailor or a new recruit, Pirate Network offers endless adventures and unforgettable experiences. Grab your sword, gather your crew, and join the Pirate Network today – where every heart counts!