Melvinnoob SMP

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Sitio Web
Discord Discord
Estatus Unknown
Ultimo PingMonitoring disabled
Versión 1.20.4
Tipo SMP Custom Enchants Clans Auction ChestShop Gui Shop Multiplayer mcmmo skills pvp
Ubicación United States
Ultima Actualización14 Mar 2024
Fecha de Ingreso14 Mar 2024


⚡Looking for a SMP to join?⚡ we got you cover!

welcome to out SMP. the Melvinnoob SMP!

The SMP is java and bedrock edition supported👍

on this server, people build massive farm to make money!💵

in this survival smp, there is a lot of features

these features include:

-💵economy system -👩‍🔧trading -shop -🌴Beautiful spawn -🪄Custom enchanting -🧰free crates (not pay to win) -👯clan -⚡free ranks -👍Mcmmo plugin  -💪jobs to earn money

-😊and much more!

we will be waiting for you!


GUIDE: how to get rich on this server?❓

we offer lots of way to earn money on this server to make it as fun as possible, players are going to compete with each other.

ways to earn money:💵💵💵💵💵

  • do quests on our server, each quest are repeatable in a certain time.

  • do jobs, each player can choose up to 3 jobs

  • make auto farm and use the command /sell all to turn item to money, player often makes farm such as pumpkin, sugarcane, melon, cactus and mobs. (for cactus, we offer crop hopper which is obtain in pro crate for free)

  • we also offer you a chance for other player to buy item off you using the auction house by doing /ah. price from 10$ to infinity

  • claim your reward each day! using the command /rewards

  • create a player shop by using the command /chestshop create [buyprice] [sellprice] while holding a item and looking to a chest!

  • and much more waiting for you to be explore!

we are really looking foward for you to join our minecraft community.