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DezoCraft has something for all!

Fox SMP Reborn:
As part of the DezoCraft Classic Series, Fox SMP has made a return, join other players in building a friendly community, like some of the amazing projects by MegaMouseGW outside of the main spawn, showing off the beautiful structures of Minecraft, and building tunnels to get you from one place to another! More of somebody who likes to play alone? All our players respect each other and harassment won't be tolerated, all is welcome on this network! Play Fox SMP today!

Block Party, The Lab, Splegg and much, much more! 
Arcade is a fun way to interact with each other, and challenging each other in competitions to be the best! You more of a casual player? That is okay too! We are all good sports and discourage toxic behaviour! So hop on and play some of our fun minigames!

Dezo Adventures (Coming 1.20):
DezoCraft's HUGE custom server returns in 1.20, community quests, custom characters and storyline, battle pass and dungeons in a future update! This is going to be a fun re-imagined server of our original, where crafted gear will not break! Each season we make will have a theme, as it will tell the amazing story of the new world, will you take part? Hop onto DezoCraft and join our Discord for updates as we develop this amazing server!

The DezoCraft store is optional, we do giveaways on our Discord and challenges, we appreciate all support, by playing, and donating!

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