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Sitio Web
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Estatus Unknown
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Tipo Towny Townywars Geopolitical Economy Custom Enchants
Ubicación United States
Ultima Actualización02 Mar 2023
Fecha de Ingreso02 Mar 2023


Welcome to ManaTime! We have over 900+ awesome quests aswell as custom enchants. We have jobs to go with your town, you and your friends create. Looking to PVP or dominate the economy and become the richest? Well, it's an economy based Geo-Political server that also has LifeSteal, during PVP combat if you kill someone you can steal their heart or vise versa - but they can also be crafted, recipe viewable in both spawn and /lsrecipe. There are a maximum of 20 hearts with a minimum of 1 (no eliminations).This therefore encourages PvP and makes sieging much more intense! As we develop and grow, we will always be adding to our server to make the playing experience the best it can be. We treat everyone fair and have an awesome community that is continuously growing. So, what are you waiting for come check us out and don’t miss out! See you there.