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Ultimo Ping13 minutes 58 seconds ago
Versión 1.17.1
Tipo SMP Vanilla Survival lgbt Lgbt Adult Creative Minigames Hermitcraft Dynmap Community
United Kingdom
Ultima Actualización23 Sep 2021
Fecha de Ingreso23 Sep 2021


Searching for a vanilla experience with a fun & friendly LGBTQ+ safe community? Join the Vervain's Arcadia SMP today! We have an established HermitCraft-like world that's over a year old, as well as a creative & modded server!

For our SMP, we're looking for social, fun players who enjoy building or redstone and want to share their creations with others. We use a few of the vanilla tweaks datapacks to add fun little features whist still remaining very close to true vanilla. We also have Dynmap!
Anybody with a chilled attitude and creative mind is welcome to join us, and we are open to all nationalities & orientations. We are an LGBTQ+ safe space. If you're a mature (18+), easy going person who wants a proper vanilla survival experience (no economy mods, back / tp commands etc) amongst a great group of friendly people, then we'd love to hear from you.

We don't intend to reset our SMP's world map, so you can rest assured you'll have plenty of time to work on large builds and projects. As of the 1.17 update, many players have banded together to form a new commune in fresh chunks, and any new player is welcome to join them!

We hold fun mini game events regularly. Events include Bedwars, Hunger games, 3rd life, Man Hunt and sometimes other social games like Among Us!

Visit to learn more and get whitelisted!

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