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Sitio Web splatage.com
Discord Discord
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Tipo Survival Economy Creative Parkour Skyblock Hunger Games Bed Wars
Ubicación New Zealand
Ultima Actualización11 May 2023
Fecha de Ingreso25 Jun 2021


Welcome to Quarantine Craft @splatage.com!

In September 2014 a family built a private server to safely play online with friends. The children have all grown up now and during NZ's 2020 lockdown the old crew got back together. New hardware was secured and the server was rebuilt, becoming "Quarantine Craft".  It is now open to the public for you to enjoy. If you are looking for a clean safe server this is the one. It is built with families in mind.

Server features:

  • Java/BedRock crossplay
  • Each world runs on dedicated hardware and fibre network
  • Near 100% uptime
  • High performance and low latency, especially for New Zealand and Australia
  • Land claims, grief prevention and AntiCheats
  • Very active staff team  
  • Global Economy for Trading, Jobs and Server Shops
  • Rewards for voting, PVP arena wins, and Mobhunting 
  • Vehicles and Gadgets
  • Multiple HungerGames/BedWars PVP arenas
  • Multiple levels of survival difficulty
  • Server Discord

GameModes include: Survival, Creative, Factions, Hungergames, Bedwars, Skyblocks, Parkour and a few others...

Survival Worlds: 

Co-Op: The co-op world is an easy server designed to provide the de-stress/chillout game. This has all the vehicles and gadgets

TheWild: Little more difficult, and a lot of fun with headhunting

Castaway: Hard vanilla. Very few server commands - Minecraft as it was intended to be

Nightmare: Extreme PVE server. Add a whole lot of realism - hunger/thirst/cold/fatigue/weight and give mobs special abilities and armor, then change world mechanics so blocks behave like real blocks and you're starting to get the idea. This legendary world is for the survival pro

Creative: Both a superflat (MadLab) and a normal terrain creative world (Wundaland)

HungerGames: Recently rebuilt this battle royal gamemode contains eight arenas, with games upto 24 players

BedWars: Currently four arenas and more planned. Games for upto 32 players

Factions: The classic raid/pvp gamemode that imitates clan warfare


We now share this with you, whoever you may be... Welcome to our minecraft home.


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