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Versión 1.17.1
Tipo Vanilla Survival Vanilla Team Survival Survival SMP Vote Rewards mcmmo Custom Recipes Safe Survival Crazy Enchants
United States
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IllusiveMC is a Community Server that Features Survival. Our SMP Features include the following: MCmmo, VeinMiner, RTP and silkspawners. We are a community server, meaning that we take our members' feedback to help improve the Server. We have Java & Bedrock Support, so our members can join on practically any platform.


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Change Logs
16 Apr 2021

New Features have been added to Skyblock.

NEW SHOP: A new Shop has been added! Right Click the "Shop" NPC on the Spawn Island to get teleported there!

Auction House: You can now auction items for cash on the auction house!

Trades: You can now trade with other players through a neat GUI!

Banknotes: You can now withdraw money from your balance & convert it into a redeemable banknote! (Used for /trade-ing)

AutoPickup & AutoSmelt: Ores will now automatically be picked up & smelted when mined!

Spawners: Mob Spawners are now purchasable from the New Shop!

20 Apr 2021

New Features have been added to Survival.

  • New Spawn: The Spawn are has been completely revamped!
  • MCmmo: You can now level up different skills using MCmmo!
  • VeinMiner: You can now mine entire Ore Veins & Trees while crouching!
  • Custom Crafting Recipes: You can now craft previously uncraftable Items!
  • /back: Everyone now has access to /back! (KeepInv is still disabled, keep that in mind.)
  • /heads: People with Gold/Ruby Rank now have access to the /heads command!
  • /ImageOnMap: People with Ruby Rank now have access to the /ImageOnMap command!

New Features have been added to Skyblock.

Duels: /duel has been added to Skyblock

/heads: People with Valkyrie Rank now have access to the /heads command!

/ImageOnMap: People with Valkyrie Rank now have access to the /ImageOnMap command!

21 Apr 2021

New Features have been added to Survival.

Sitting on Stairs/Slabs: You can now sit on Stairs & Slabs by right-clicking on them!

Sitting... Anywhere...: You can now sit, well, anywhere, using /sit.

Laying on the ground: You can now lay on the ground using /lay!

Crawling... on the... ground...: You can now crawl... using /crawl...

Anti-Cheat: An Anti-Cheat has been added to deter Hackers!

Multiple behind-the-scenes changes to improve the user experience!

25 Apr 2021

New Survival Features!

Voting Rewards! - You now get Voting Keys when you vote for the server! These can be redeemed at Spawn.

Silk Touch Spawners - If you mine a Mob Spawner with a Silk Touch Pickaxe, it now has a 50% chance of dropping!

Trading GUI - You can now trade with other players using a neat GUI! (/trade)

Playtime Command - You can now check a player's Playtime using a command! (/playtime)

Dynmap Grief Prevention - Grief Prevention Claims now appear on the Dynmap Site.

29 Apr 2021

optimized server Changes

  • Change Bunch of Config related wise
  • Dynamap was a huge hit so we optimized and change it and fix it
  • Added performance plugins (This will not clear Vilagers,
04 May 2021 - Harvesting update + Reports


Improved Hoes!

Hoes now have an increased radius!

Iron Hoe - 2x2

Gold Hoe - 2x2

Diamond Hoe - 3x3


Crop Harvesting Improvements!

You can now right-click to harvest crops & it'll harvest them & automatically replant them!


Leashing Villagers!

You can now leash villagers using leads!


Better Report System

we are no longer using the /report command anymore we have improved that into a better system now you can create tickets for the issues and staff can respond to your issues quickly and will be able to solve your issues faster Please join our discord for the commands






05 May 2021


New Survival Features + Improvements!


DeathChest When you die by a player or mob you will see a chest that will spawn right near you. Only you can open it and grab your stuff. If you die by lava it won't spawn a chest. you only have 60sec to grab btw


Bed Heal: When you sleep in a bed at nighttime you will slowly start healing if you want to heal completely you need to sleep the full night


Other Fixes

  • Fixed Voting Sites
  • Fixed where you can't craft a saddle

The max claim block limit has been increased from 2250 to 3250.

The number of claim blocks gained per hour has been increased from 250 to 350.





09 May 2021

New Survival Features + Support perks

Blood Moon Event! Every 7 ingame days, a Blood Moon Event will occur! This event will make mobs alot harder than usual, and will also make their drops better. (If this is too hard for the majority of players, we may nerf it.)

More Supporter Perks!

  • More Perks have been added to each of the Ranks!
  • Emerald - Glow Effect (You can now outline yourself with colours!) /eglow
  • Gold - Trails (You can now enable multiple different types of particle trails!) /trails
  • Ruby - Jukebox (You can now play multiple Noteblock Songs on the go! More songs will be added to the current list at a later date.) /jukebox

Death Chests! Death Chests should actually work now! (When you die, your items will be placed in a chest that will despawn 3 minutes after you die. These chests can be looted by crouching & right clicking the chest.)

Different Sleep Plugin! There's not much to say, really. We changed the plugin that allows a percentage of players to sleep to skip the night.

19 May 2021


GUI Shops!

You can once again create shops! But instead of being Sign Shops, they're now GUI Shops! You can find information about creating GUI Shops in the Shopping District (Aka, Community Hub)



Extra Clan Features!

Clan's now have a few extra features! You can now:

  • Rename your Clan! /clan rename (name)
  •  See what Clan a player is in! /clan show (name)
  • Open a Clan-Only Chat! /clan togglechat


Armour Stand Editing!

You can now edit Armour Stands using an Advanced GUI! (NOTE: This will only work for Java players.) Begin using this by right clicking an Armour Stand with a piece of flint!


Mob Transporter! You are now able to transport your Mobs using a new item called a "Mob Transporter"! The crafting recipe in game do /recipes

Coordinates HUD!

You can now see what your coordinates are on your screen! (This is useful for bedrock players!)

This can be disabled by using /coordinates toggle.


Villager Protection!

If a Villager is attacked by a Zombie, it will no longer die, but will rather turn into a Zombie Villager. (Before now, there was a 25% chance of the Villager dying.)


The ability to obtain the Active Rank has been temporarily disabled, It'll return at a later date.




04 Jun 2021

New Server Store! The Server's Store has switched over to a different site! With this change, Bedrock Edition Players will now be able to purchase Store Items! (Remember to put underscores "_" before your names!!)

Seasons! Depending on the Ingame Season that changes every 14 ingame days, different Weather Events will occur!

New Anti-Cheat! A new Anti-Cheat has been implemented! (No, it won't be perfect, remember to report any issues you have with it to the staff team.)

Active Rank!!! The long-awaited "Active Rank" has been added back to the server! Play for 24 hours to unlock it! (You'll gain an extra home & a particles gui. /particlehats:h)

Netherite Shield! A new Powerful Shield called the "Netherite Shield! has been added! It'll give you multiple different effects when equipped! This can be created by putting a Shield & A Netherite Ingot into a Smithing Table. (Recipe can be found in #crafting-recipes)

Trident Changes! It's now not possible to lose your trident by throwing it into the end void! Tridents are now as common as they are on Bedrock Edition. This change has been implemented since they're already craftable.