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Versión 1.17.x 1.17.1 1.18.x 1.19.x
Tipo Economy Cracked Adventure Creative Donations Parkour Survival Nations Vehicles Roleplay
Ubicación United States
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Welcome to NightRealm!

We're a Minecraft community seeking to make Minecraft more fun.

From our gamemodes, we have the following:


A more modern and harder take on the original Survival experience. Sporting a shop and balanced economy, chestshops, playerwarps aswell as locking your containers to even claiming your land for all your town-like needs, not only that there is also SlimeFun which turns the experience into something more like modded Minecraft.


Are you someone who has a passion for building? Do you wish your builds be saved in our plotworld for ages to come? Then our Creative gamemode is for you! You get the ability to merge plots, the ability to claim up to 128 plots, and not only that, everyone gets free WorldEdit access.


A place to show your parkouring skills, to beat server time records, or to just have a relaxing parkour experience. Not only that, you can build your own parkours and submit them to the server through #🧱┃parkour-submissions .


Nations is a realistic geopolitical gamemode which aims to make a realistic modern world with countries, cities and politics - located on an Earth map. It is a bit different from other similar gamemodes as it is barely any vanilla, sporting a real-world economy, 3D guns and vehicles and a TON of obtainable natural resources. All without mods! For diplomatic relations aswell as updates relating to the gamemode: Nations Discord:

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