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Versión 1.19.2
Tipo Creative Free Worldedit Roleplay Minigames Build Plots PVP Kit PvP
Ubicación United Kingdom
Ultima Actualización01 Nov 2022
Fecha de Ingreso11 Oct 2015


Welcome to CreativeFun! You can build, roleplay and even create your own minigames using your own builds on our server.

Our features:
- Large 512x512 plots
- Advanced WorldEdit commands
- Create your own minigames using your own builds
- Roleplay names
- Plot chat
- Grief protection


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Change Logs
19 Feb 2020

Hi everyone,

I wanted to make this post to explain the current status of the server and what our plans are going forwards feature wise. Our last major server update was the Plot Staff feature back in January and since then we have not made any new feature for the server. We have many plans to introduce new features to the server along with fixing current issues that have existed on the server for a while but everything has been put on pause while we start thinking about how to deal with Minecraft updates.

Current situation
1.13.2 was a big update, we have spent a lot of time during the past few months on making the server stable on 1.13.2 to the point where it actually performs better than how it did on 1.12.2. A major overhaul had to be done for a lot of our plugins but the main reason for the long wait was because the WorldEdit plugin we use on the server took a very long time to update. Realistically, I do not believe it is feasible for us to wait half a year every time there is a new minecraft version just because our WorldEdit plugin has not been updated.

The 1.14.4 Update
There are many chunk loading and performance problems in 1.14, it is not practical for us to update to this version as Mojang has stated that they plan to fix performance related issues in 1.15. If 1.14 had no performance problems we would still not be able to update our server due to the WorldEdit plugin we are using as it has not been updated for 1.14. This means that even if 1.15 fixes the issues in 1.14 our next problem would be the WorldEdit plugin we use which would prevent us from updating.

The plan
The WorldEdit plugin we are using is holding us back severely when it comes to updating to new minecraft versions. This is why we have been working on our own version of WorldEdit that will be easy to update whenever minecraft updates while also being as fast as the current WorldEdit plugin we are using. This is in early stages of development so I cannot promise that this will lead to anything but we are fairly confident that we can pull this off. Nothing should change for normal players, our version will be in sync with regular WorldEdit meaning that all the current commands in WorldEdit will work just fine. This is a big project and we have multiple people working on it, I'd like to personally thank the Donators for making this possible.

Bugs and improvements
There are some longstanding issues that have been present on the server which I would like to fix or improve on at some point. When progress has been made with our WorldEdit plugin I would like to fix some of the current bugs and improve on some of the existing features we have. The home system needs to be improved so that all players are able to set 3 homes by default, friend limit should be expanded to 100, nametags should display roleplay names, and allowing friends to teleport even if you have teleports disabled ect. Mostly quality of life improvements to make your experience better on the server. I would also like to bring back focus on improving the chat filter once our WorldEdit plugin is functional. You'll be able to keep up to date with these changes by viewing changelog.

New server features
We still have many new features we would like to add to the server to keep things interesting and make our server more unique than it already is. We hope to use the remainder of this year to getting the server in a state where it will be easy to update whenever a new minecraft version is released so that we can focus on implementing new ideas for the server in 2020.

Testing 1.14/1.15
If we are successful with making our own WorldEdit plugin for the server, I plan to open Creative4 for a temporary period of time so that players can test 1.14 or 1.15 which will help us identify issues that need to be fixed before updating all of the other creative servers. This will be explained later on as more progress has been made.

That's all for now, thank you all for being so patient with us during this time.