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Type bless unleashed private server bless origins bless unleashed pserver europe bulgaria
Location Bulgaria
Last Update21 Jul 2023
Join Date21 Jul 2023


Bless Origins | x3 CUSTOM EXP| Europe | Long Term | GO 25.07.2023

Bless Origins - The European Bless Unleashed Private Server


• Server Location - Europe
• 2x PVE EXP/ 2x PVE Gold/ 1.5x SXP (gained from permanent enabled events)
• EXP Curve Edited - required less EXP to level after 32 level
• Quest 3x EXP 4x SXP (regional quests included)

• Increased Character Speed by 30%
• Increased Mounts Speed
• Pray Desperately time x3 +30% speed

• Regional Quest Re-use time reduced to 3 hours
• HP of World and Regional Bosses Reduced by 1/3
• HP of Dungeon Bosses Reduced to 60% of HP
• Reduced all Dungeons (Arenas) players requirement count from 2->1
• Added special Dungeons/Arena support buff (see permanently events list bellow)

• The Items from Ancient Altar can be gained with StarSeed instead of Lumena
• Increased Bless Pass Default/Premium Rewards count x3 (wo chests and 30d boosters) - Rewards are not changed visual in game client
• Attendance Rewards x3

• Added +100 Bags slot (permanent) by the first in game quest "The New Beginning"
• Set startup Character slots to 3 (max slots 10)
• Web Shop with useful items, EXP tickets, mounts, outfits and more

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