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Type Community Active Events Bots Friendly Gaming Giveaways Minecraft Multiplayer Steam
Location Canada
Last Update12 Jan 2023
Join Date07 Sep 2021


✩‿༺ WildCraftMC's Community ༻‿✩

Where the Wild, is home!


We are a multi-purpose social community for everyone, where we offer a multitude of features from several premium bots which allow for an adventurous experience that offer exclusive events, quests and items to collect or share.


✩‿︵ ✩ ༺ Features ༻ ✩ ︵‿✩


Join our multi purpose social community to experience the following! 


◾ Active Voice & Text chats
◾ Level 3 Boosted
◾ Premium Bots w/ tons of fun features
◾ Many Nitro Giveaways
◾ Movie Nights & Live Streams
◾ Dozens of Server Emotes
◾ Several Sports Specific Channels
◾ Dank Memer - Heist/Rob disabled
◾ Karuta w/ 90,000+ cards - Collect ur favorites



Change Logs
09 Sep 2021

Updates Sept. 2nd, 2021:
Pets Fixes:
Dying pets won't throw errors anymore/kick players
Dev fixed the grow-up-item behavior for some pets
Wandering Trader
Melee-Attacks won't cause the enemy to despawn anymore
Striders don't cause issues when falling into Lava anymore
New: Screaming-Goats Added

Updates Sept. 3rd, 2021:
New PVP Command: Available now
/pvp -toggles your pvp status on/off

Updates Sept. 6th, 2021:
Fixed Craftbook Mechs
Use a piece of glowstone duct to right click an area to check list levels
TopG Discord Setup
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