Zeroscape 718

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Version 718 Osrs
Typ Economy Achievements Active chill Friendly Community
Ort Canada
Letztes Update07 Apr 2022
Beitrittsdatum26 Feb 2022



We would love to welcome you to our small but growing comunity over here at zeroscape! we are a 718/742 with some osrs content! from bosses to raids! and we hope you will join us in the amazing fun and adventure w will have togother!


im not a money hungry owner like alot of owners and im always on the server available for questions etc! and i promise you that will not change!


here at eclipse our players are family i want everone to feel welcome and invited into a safe space where no judgment is passed! <3 


i know this i not the best decription in the world! but we are just coming out of closed alpha and going into an open beta phase!! there are still bugs and such that i am working hard every day to knock out and i hope you will be apart of this wonderful journey!