Prosper Prison

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Version 1.20.6
Typ Op prison Survival Skyblock Creative Minigames Economy Kit PvP Parkour Discord PVP
Ort Canada
Letztes Update29 May 2024
Beitrittsdatum28 May 2024


Hey, are you looking for an original OP Prison server that is non-p2w, fun, and has a variety of unique features? Do you want to have a fun and enjoyable minecraft server experience that will make you want to become an active player? Our server is brand new, with recently being opened to the public. We offer OP Prison as the main gamemods, as well as 4 additional gamemodes including survival, skyblock, creative, and minigames. We strive to create an exceptional and unique experience for our players, ensuring that all of your questions will be answered with great detail. Here are some of the unique features that our server offers.

🔒 Epic Prison Gameplay: Master our unique prison world, advancing through ranks with our rewarding Prestige System. Every block mined is a step towards greatness.

🛍️ Dynamic Marketplace & Thrilling PVP: With our virtual shop, auctionhouse, and pvp system, you will prosper and conquer the server.

⚔️ PVP at its Finest: Our server shines with a heavy focus on PVP. Equip, strategize, and dominate in fast-paced battles.

👥 Supportive Community: Our welcoming community is always ready to assist, making every player's journey enjoyable. Be part of a positive and engaging environment.

🎨 Creative Plots: Express yourself in your personal space. Build, create, and trade in your very own plot.

💥 Discord community: Join our discord server, where we have a large community and a variety of different channels for communication with other players.

Become a member of the Prosper Prison community today and we promise that you will have an enjoyable experience with everything that we have to offer. Experience the best and originality in Minecraft Prison Servers.

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