Oblivion Prison

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Webseite store.oblivionprison.com
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Version 1.19 1.19.1 1.19.2
Typ Classic Prison Prison Op prison pvp Custom Custom Enchants Custom Coded
Ort United Kingdom
Letztes Update23 Jan 2024
Beitrittsdatum23 Jan 2024


- A hybrid mix of 'old' style classic servers and the latest prison servers (old school guards, pvp areas, plot restrictions, rare blocks, and no more quadrillion of this, octillion of that, which gets exhausting and silly after a while)
- All of the 'standard' features you'd find in prison servers (crates, enchants, plots, etc)
- Gangs - with the addition of 'Gang Tournaments' where gangs compete together to win prizes (/gang, /tourny)
- Mystery boxes alongside 1 crate for each A-Z rank (NPC at spawn)
- Most of the server is custom coded - we have only some standard plugins which run alongside our custom ones.
- Custom ***** & a unique way of obtaining 'useable' ***** (/*****)
- Dynamic events & server activity, including our semi-automated Events plugin
- Several day-to-day things, such as daily missions (/daily), daily quests (NPC's) and more
- Rare blocks & rare items fully integrated into the game, alongside 'stock' so you can keep track of how many of one item is on the server at any one time (/rares)
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