Mooshroom Heaven

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Status Unknown
Letzter PingMonitoring disabled
Version 1.19x
Typ AntiGrief Towny Survival Balanced Economy
Ort United States
Letztes Update03 Apr 2023
Beitrittsdatum03 Apr 2023


Welcome to Mooshroom Heaven, a Minecraft server where you can build, explore, and thrive in a community of like-minded players. Our server is designed to offer you a unique survival experience with a Towny plugin that enables players to form towns, collaborate with each other, and grow their economies.

Server Features:

  1. Towny: Our server is equipped with Towny, a plugin that allows players to create towns and nations, manage their land, and protect themselves from griefers. With Towny, players can also collaborate with each other to build larger communities and establish thriving economies.

  2. Economy: We have a player-driven economy where players can create shops, sell items, and trade with other players. Our economy is balanced, and our moderators keep a watchful eye on it to prevent any unfair practices.

  3. Huge Exploration Areas: Our server has vast exploration areas for players to explore, mine, and gather resources. These areas include mountains, forests, plains, and deserts, and are populated with different types of biomes, animals, and resources.

  4. Friendly Community: We have a friendly and welcoming community of players and moderators who are always ready to help new players. Our moderators are active quite alot to ensure that the server runs smoothly and that everyone is following the rules.

  5. Custom Plugins: We have custom plugins to enhance your gameplay experience, such as Ascecia Currencies and LWC. These plugins add new elements to the game, making it more challenging and rewarding.

  6. Essentials: This plugin provides essential commands such as /home, /spawn, /warp, and /tpa, making it easier for players to navigate and interact with the server.

  7. ChestShop: This plugin allows players to create their own shops where they can sell items to other players. It's a great way to encourage a player-driven economy and adds another layer of gameplay to your server.

Server Rules:

To ensure that everyone has a fun and safe experience, we have some rules that all players must follow:

  1. No griefing or stealing from other players.
  2. No cheating or exploiting bugs or glitches.
  3. No spamming or advertising in chat.
  4. No offensive language or behavior towards other players.
  5. No hacking or using mods that give you an unfair advantage.

Join Mooshroom Heaven today and become a part of our thriving community. Our server IP is We can't wait to see you there!