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Version 1.18
Typ Pve Survival Survival Custom Plugins Minigames 247 Semi Vanilla Economy AntiGrief Active Dungeons
Ort United States
Letztes Update13 Feb 2023
Beitrittsdatum04 Aug 2020


Are you tired of the same exact BORING experience on every single Minecraft server you join?
So were we.

That's why TTVSMP was created.

tl;dr - we're a survival+ server with MiniGames, streamers, twitch drops, alcohol brewing, economy, shops, full-scale mob dungeons, Elite Mobs, arenas, active staff, grief protection, and over 100+ plugins to make sure everyone has FUN on our server - no exceptions.
All of this sound good? Join us.

We are NEVER pay-to-win and never will be.


TTVSMP was created in the image of what we believe to be the "old school" Minecraft experience. We are mainly a survival server, but with an astounding amount of plugins, addons, &                    so many things to do. 

**We are overall a survival server - ALL of the things listed below are optional. If you want to just play survival (the main feature of our server) you can do that no problem. You are not forced to use any of the added plugins if you do not wish to, but they are there for you to have fun!**


  • We feature an active community, active staff, 100+ plugins, mini-games, and a fun, expanded, survival server experience.
  • We have all of the necessary commands, such as /home, /tpa, etc. and on top of that, so much more for you to experience, discover, and learn.
  • Enjoy PVE? Tired of stale combat? Battle in large-scale dungeons with other players - fighting bosses, mini-bosses, and difficult enemies. Earn rewards, rank up, and get perks as you continue. (EliteMobs) You can even go to a world that spawns high levels of Elite Mobs and live there, battling more and more of them as you go.
  • Does alcohol brewing sound fun? We've got that too - you can even suggest custom brews. Find ingredients, mix them in a cauldron, distill, age, and produce amazing alcohol that even has effects, potion effects, and all sorts of cool things.
  • Jobs - get money as you mine, chop wood, farm, hunt, etc. Spend your hard-earned money at our NPC shops at spawn!
  • Get rewarded for your playtime by ranking up - Go from Visitor > New Player > Player > Regular > Experienced > Veteran > VIP > Legend - Each rank will give you added bonuses, extra commands, more available homes to set, larger backpack space, and all sorts of stuff.
  • Build towns and have them added to our list of warps!
  • Purchase plots in our spawn city, and flex your building skills in a neighborhood surrounded by other players!
  • Earn drops for WATCHING and INTERACTING with streamers who are live on the server! Just type /twitch <twitch username> and tune-in to earn loot crates that can contain very rare items!
  • Hang out in our Discord server, earn custom ranks, roles, and all sorts of cool stuff!
  • Play survival games, party games, all sorts of other MiniGames, Hunger Games, and much much more with the streamers on TTVSMP while they're live!
  • 100+ Plugins with even more features

Come and hangout, make new friends, and enjoy an expanded survival experience with TONS of things to do. 

The owner of the server can be found at or on Discord if you're looking to contact him.

What are you waiting for?
Give us a shot.

When you spawn in, be sure to read the rules, and just type /tpr to be teleported to the wilderness! Have fun!

We also have a dynmap at if you would ever like to see everything from above!

Be sure to join the discord if you have any questions or concerns! We sincerely hope to see you on!

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