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التحديث الأخير12 Jul 2022
تاريخ الانضمام12 Jul 2022


You may have heard of many servers that take place on a real-world map. Pretty realistic, huh?

But we've gone a lot further!

~~~~~~ Introducing VitaPolita - the most realistic geopolitical server ever! ~~~~~~

On the server there are:

  •  Seasons (winter, spring, summer, fall), Temperature, Thirst
  • Block physics, Longer block breaking (try to dig up cubic meter of dirt IRL!)
  •  Hundreds of new items and advancements!
  • Cars and planes!

You don't have to install any mods or even resourcepacks to play! ~~~~~~

We have custom-coded political mechanics (not Towny), that follow rules of realism too:

  • No ungriefable claims
  •  No command teleportation
  • No built-in economy (we prefer people to choose their own currency, rather than using some virtual $)

Make your empire, invite people and conquer the world (btw, we have completely unique experience based conquer system!)

We have friendly international (American, Russian, Indian, Spanish) community (some players remained from the owner's previous projects).

Server is running only thanks to players' voluntary donations (server is 0% P2W)



Join us: !