Designer Gas Club

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Designer Gas Club

Designer Gas Club Gaming: A Thriving and Inspiring Gaming Community

We want to welcome you to Designer Gas Club Gaming, a community of passionate gamers that has blossomed into an inspiring and close-knit family.

Built with uniqueness in mind, we strive to provide the best experience imaginable for our gaming family. We are currently seeking new staff, police officers, and emergency medical personnel. With dedication and active participation, you'll secure your spot in our growing family.

Check out the impressive list of features and additions we already offer, and remember, updates are released and announced daily!

• Advanced housing system featuring hundreds of interiors
• Food trucks for purchase (Krispy Kreme, Chick-fil-A, Chipotle, P.F. Chang's)
• Sophisticated refueling – take the nozzle out and fuel up your car!
• Exclusive body bag script for character kills
• Weapon repair
• Vehicle radio
• Skateboarding around the city
• Bicycle tricks
• Playable TVs throughout the map
• Fully functional gym and workout space
• Thousands of emotes to choose from
• Immersive hunting script with unrestricted hunting zones
• Electric vehicle charging stations
• Custom, exclusive add-on weapons
• Advanced reporting system
• Operational Vanilla Unicorn **********
• Working motels with integrated custom **** script
• Pressure washing at multiple locations
• Custom repair stations conveniently located across the map
• Vehicle shop with test driving options
• Enhanced jail system with job opportunities to reduce sentences
• Integrated playtime shop to purchase in-game weapons, vehicles, and items with real currency

We pride ourselves on a balanced economy and have dedicated countless hours to fine-tuning even the smallest details to ensure the best possible roleplay experience.

Civilian Jobs:

• Taxi driver
• Hunter
• Fisher
• Miner
• Tasty Eats employee
• Courier
• Farmer
• Diver
• And many more, all perfectly adjusted to fit our community's economy!

Criminal Jobs:

• Fleeca heist
• Vangelico heist
• Oilrig heist
• Paleto Bay bank heist
• Underground heist
• Multiple free **** options, complete with specific locations and crafting abilities (integrated with motels!)

Fun Activities:

• Luna Park
• Bowling
• Arm wrestling
• Casino games
• Basketball
• Plasma game – Capture the Orb and Deathmatch modes!
• Arcade
• Custom paintball locations with a paintball script
• Dice rolling

Join us here!

PS: Hurry and secure your spot in our growing community as city slots are filling up fast!