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الحالة Unknown
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النوع Economy Cops Doj Roleplay Serious Rp Serious Whitelist Gangs Drugs Drifting
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United States
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التحديث الأخير10 May 2022
تاريخ الانضمام10 May 2022


18+ | WHITELISTED | Whitelisted Jobs: LSPD, BCSO, EMS, Lawyers, Player Run Businesses. DOJ system, realistic roleplay, balanced economy based system. Custom businesses, clothing & skins.   

Fate Roleplay is a public Grand Theft Auto Roleplay community on FiveM with an adult playerbase. We are an economy based server that offers the freedom to RP in creative ways. As a community founded by serious and veteran roleplayers, we are hyper focused on creating great roleplay. We ask that our players be considerate of others in creating scenarios so that they are fun and beneficial for all the parties involved. We've built a set of rules that are unique to our sever needs, such as no NLR, which encourages players to be more creative in their roleplay. Our development teams goal is to work quickly to implement bug fixes, server changes and build out custom experiences for players that are truly unique to our server. 


Server Features

Player base of new and experienced roleplayers, US based.

Rules unique to our server and job handbooks for every department.

Whitelisted jobs: SASP, EMS, Lawyers, Mechanics, Reporters, Car Dealers.


Realistic roleplay

18 and over server