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Hello, I am the creator & owner of Salusscape, I'll try my upmost best to guide you through the server.
We are currently oldschool based, which means that we focus on replicating the current version of Runescape 2007.
What do we have to offer?We actually have ALOT to offer you. We do have most bosses of Runescape 2007, Vet'ion, scorpion and lots more. We also have some costum. We also have most of the 2007 items, like the trident & abbysal tentacle whip. Not only this, but we also have bank tabs to organize your bank!
Getting started with the server shouldn't be too hard. We have events that occur every 2 hours to optimize your gameplay & get your stuff more quicker. One of these is reaching a slayer monster target kills in 3 minutes. If your team succeeds, you'll receive awesome rewards.
We also offer your costum Skills that haven't been seen before. Two of them are dungeoneering & creation. With those skills you'll be able to create new weapons & items.
I don't have anything more to say. You should really try it out, because you won't regret it!