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الإصدار 718 742
النوع Osrs Items Custom Items PvP Economy 30 Bosses 20 Quests 20 Minigames
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التحديث الأخير07 Sep 2020
تاريخ الانضمام03 Jul 2015

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Welcome to Anarchyscape. Active PvP, Bossing, Completionist Cape are our player's favorite activities.

We've recently added Zulrah and we're now adding Vorago. The Toxic blowpipe and Toxic staff of the dead are very powerful items and they've just been released, so get yours today!

As for activities, we have your ordinary Runescape minigames like Stealing Creation, Fist of Guthix, Castle wars, and Pest control. If you're looking for something new, we also have custom minigames like Freeze Tag, Brawling tournaments, and Zombies. There are minigame events hosted at least every hour.

We have active PvP at all times, hybrids, pures, mains, maxed combat, zerkers, berserkers, we have a large variety of pkers and pking. Our bounty hunter system rewards players for fighting targets, with a chance of getting statius, vesta, or ancient statuettes. You can train slayer, fight bosses like corporeal beast or nex, or even train your own assassin.

We have a custom assassin skill where you can level up your assassin and make it more deadly. These assassins can become more threatening than Steel Titans.

If you're looking for a 317 server, our server has old school looks, old school hits, and old school interfaces. If you're looking for a 718 server, our server also has new looks, new hits, and new interfaces.

Change Logs
21 Mar 2016

- Fixed lending.
- Added more items to f2p spawners.
- Added some Zulrah combat.
- Fixed coin vote reward.

27 Mar 2016

- Fixed lending.
- Fixed boss kill timers.
- Fixed QBD room.
- Adding egg to bunny conversion.

31 Mar 2016

- Increased accuracy of helpful's prices.
- Boss pets are now dropped every 1000 kills.
- New april fool commands.

01 Apr 2016

- Added new Brawl event.
- Helpful's prices are only changeable by staff.
- Added Venom.
- Added Zulrah's teleport tab.

03 Apr 2016

- Updated formula for veteran rank.
- Fixed Zulrah not spawning in instances.
- Fixed brawl events not teleporting player to correct area.
- Reduced chance of getting Zul-andre teleport.
- Added ability to craft Toxic staff.
- Added ability to craft Toxic blowpipe.
- Fixed Zulrah snakes respawning.
- Added Zulrah drops to drop announcements.
- Fixed Zulrah not moving.
- Fixed Zulrah snakes not being aggressive.
- Fixed Zulrah not dropping items.
- Disabled purple sweets, quick-fire, and cannon at Zulrah.

04 Apr 2016

- Fixed Zulrah instance glitch.
- Fixed Brawling event.
- Added types of music to client (not finished yet).

07 Apr 2016

- Fixed banking in Brawl.
- Fixed eating/potions and more in Brawl.
- Fixed nobody winning in Brawl.
- Fixed dialogue disappearing when doing tutorial.
- Added logging out in death room and during tutorial.
- Added game point shop for insane mode players.
- Added stats to Toxic blowpipe.
- Added stats to Toxic staff of the dead.
- Added toxic abilities to Toxic blowpipe and Toxic staff of the dead.
- Added Serpentine's anti-venom ablilty.

08 Apr 2016

- Fixed emote of toxic blowpipe.
- Fixed gfx of toxic blowpipe.
- Made blowpipe faster and stronger.
- Made logs load/save more quickly/efficiently.
- Fixed noxious scythe appearance.
- Fixed more lending duplications.

10 Apr 2016

- Reduced cost for instances.
- Added degrading for pvp items / nex items.
- Reduced prices for pvp items.
- Added repair option for nex items.
- Fixed game point shop for insane mode.