Runescape Private Servers

RSPS list containing the most popular servers ranked by players. Choose from our topsite the most popular runescape private server to play online.


Osrs 171 Custom Minigames Custom Bosses Custom Items Minigames PvP

317 PVM PVP Skilling

718 rs3 Economy All skills working PvM 35 Bosses Gambling Working Pvp

831 100 Grand Exchange 120 capes 120 skills 100 Bosses Active community

OSRS Eco Server Clan Pking Instant Pking Gambling Custom Home

317 25 Bosses 10 Minigames Auto Donate raids Zulrah

317 25 Bosses 200 Achievements Oldschool Runescape Osrs Osrs Bosses

718 667 Bank Preset Custom Bosses Custom Armour Custom Weapon Custom Raids

317 Active community Achievements active players


317 10 Minigames PvM 35 Bosses Pvp Custom Home Custom Items

317 Blowpipe Updates

Custom Custom Bosses Custom Home Custom Content Custom Items

178 Achievements Castle wars Unique Content Unique home Custom Content

317 Eco Server Boss Pets Dungeoneering

317 Many Bosses

Osrs 317 Double Xp Event system Achievements Abyssal Sire

Osrs inferno 10 Minigames 10 Bosses Boss Pets Zulrah

667 Eco Server 50 Bosses Pk bots Ironman

738 833 Custom Home Dedicated Daily events Daily Rewards Divination

667 317 Eco Server Active community Osrs PKing


317 osrs

317 Osrs Active staff Auto Donate Auto Vote Custom Content Custom Bosses

317 15 Minigames Abyssal Sire Active community active players Blowpipe

317 osrs 317 osrs custom

28 Osrs 317 25x XP Rate Blowpipe Discord Boss Pets Full Screen


317 Active forums Osrs Content Balanced XP Rate Unique Content Unique home

317 25x XP Rate 40 Quests Custom Bosses Discord Dicing

Osrs Active Boss Pets Ironman PKing New Bosses

417 Bossing Dicing Customs Pking Skilling



876 Rs3 Active community 20 Bosses 27 Skills GWD2

317 Spawn PK Pvp 317 Instant PK Instant Pk Sets

Osrs bounty hunter Instant PK Active staff Abyssal Sire Achievements

317 10 Bosses 120 skills 525 Interface

317 Custom Content 100 Bosses 11 Minigames 200 Achievements Completionist Capes

317 20 Bosses 22 Skills Achievements raids Dicing

Osrs osrs bosses runescape elkoy zenyte

317 10 Bosses 25 Skills Achievements Auto Donate Auto Vote

317 Economy pvp Gambling

317 Zombies Survival WorldWide PvP Unique Gameplay Interactive bosses

Osrs All skills working 24 skills

317 Achievements Unique Content Constant Developing Flawless PvM Flawless PvP

active players Boss Pets Daily Rewards Dungeoneering Friendly